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we create innovative visual effects, pre-viz and animation

Trickshot Films is an independent animation and VFX studio based in Dublin Ireland. We create top notch moving images for film, commercial and corporate clients. We have a small core crew but can scale up for larger projects. Our key tools include Maya, Zbrush, Digital Fusion and pencils.

If you have an interesting story to tell we would love to help you tell it.

The first short film through our doors “The Lost Letter” attracted international attention and is now being made into a 30 minute TV special. Our pipeline was built to accommodate this award winning short and we’re proud of what was achieved with a small crew and a tight budget.

Last year we helped Jam Media with CG models and rigs for their kids TV show “Beccas Bunch”. We’ve also done a number of commercials and previz work on a number of films. So, if you have a project and want it to look amazing then you have come to the right place.

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